Pasteur Medical Associates allows our patient’s to take an active role in their healthcare. Please use the following link to our Patient Portal. In our efforts to improve the quality of care that PMA provides our patients, we are offering a new online outgoing communication. The patient portal is a secure, web-based system that allows real time access to certain elements of your medical record. The portal is for NON-EMERGENCY communications from your physician. The portal is used for communication between appointments and does not replace your scheduled appointments. Our lab interface is live so we are able to publish lab results to the portal. An email will alert you that you have a new message posted on the portal. You must then log in to your portal account with your username and password. You must have a permanent email that you check regularly. Please note that labs are not automatically published to the portal. You must be web-enabled and the labs have to be ordered from our in-house system. The physician will decide if he or she publishes the labs with a review note, or if it requires a call from the Medical Assistant. If you are not web-enabled, provide your email to the front office so they can web-enable you. You are not able to respond to the office from the portal, you must call the office. If you have any problems please call our office for assistance. Urgent notifications will not be published to the portal.

PMAresources Patient Forms:
New Patient Information Sheet
Notice of Privacy Practices
Patient Financial Responsibility
Record Release
Filling Your Prescription
Authorization to Disclose Health Information
Medication List
Full New Patient Packet
Educational Information:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Health Central (
Travel Medicine (CDC – travel medicine)
Drug Interactions (Medscape)
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Nutrition (
Cardiac Risk Tool (NIH)
Bexar County Medical Society
Medline Plus
American Diabetes Association
Help finding the lowest priced medications in your area (
Understanding Cancer (


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